Production lead time
  • < 50 pcs: 20 days
  • > 50 pcs: 35 days
  • > 300 pcs: 35 days
  • > 500 pcs: 45 days
  • > 1000 pcs: 55 days

Volume discounts
  • > 50 pcs = Base Rate
  • > 300 pcs = 10% discount
  • > 500 pcs = 15% discount
  • > 1000 pcs = 20% discount
Note: Sample quantity (< 50 pcs) = Base rate x 3.5


All printing products (both artwork and solid color) will be produced by the technique called “Sublimation printing”

What is sublimation printing and what are the limits?

On-demand printing on fabric is an exciting way to customize textile products. As new technology emerges, the possibility to print and create your own unique clothing only grows. While sublimation printing is a very versatile process, there are some limitations that affect print outcomes that are good to know about before placing your first order.

Sublimation is a process in which ink is set into synthetic fabric using very high heats. When heated, the ink instantly because a gas that in turn is trapped in the fabric fibers. The transferred ink cannot be rubbed off and is evenly distributed within the fabric. You cannot feel the print on the fabric surface and it has amazing washability. While sublimation printing is a great way to reproduce artwork on fabric, there are some limitations to the process. Read on to better understand the limitations that we work within when printing your custom artwork onto fabric.

My design placement is not the same as in the mockup. Why is that?

When you are designing your product in the 3D Design Studio, you are designing a Small size. From the small, we generate all the other sizes. If your design has very specific placement, it is very important to know that the design features my shift or be lost when the other sizes are generated. In many of our Design Labs we have added Text Safe areas that indicate where you can place text or special design features (like your logo) and they will be safe across all sizes. If you are concerned about the placement of your design on the full size range, please get in touch and we can offer suggestions on how to best translate your ideas onto our products.

Will my colours print the same as I see on my screen?

Almost never. Due to the fact that we are printing on surfaces other than paper, the print colours on your final product will most likely vary from your original artwork. Even though our base products and fabric are white, slight variations can arise from piece to piece which in turn affect the print colours.

Our inks and printers each have a specific range of colours that they can produce. This is known as the colour gamut. There are some colours that are outside of the colour gamut that our printer can not actually produce. If your design includes out of gamut colours, this will cause the print to differ from your original artwork. When the printer detects an out of gamut colour, it instead prints the colour that is closest to it that it can produce. This is one of the reasons why your artwork printed item may differ from your original artwork. Screen settings and work spaces will also cause your artwork printed item to differ from what you see on your computer screen.

If you are unsure of how your artwork will print, we encourage you to purchase either a sample case before going ahead with larger orders.