1) Overview of OBS

OBS is a one stop solution for brands looking to produce active and athleisure wear.

We provide brands full resources from design concept to manufacturing by offering multiple product categories including bras, tops, bottoms and outerwear with a large selection of high quality fabrics, materials and embellishments.

Our advanced online Design studio enables us to help our customers design and develop products online. Our partnership with one of Thailand’s most advance manufacturing facilities in active wear, allows us to produce high quality products, with the latest manufacturing techniques. We are here to facilitate our customers with all aspect of manufacturing and design for those with or without design experience.

2) Access to Services

In order to have access to our full services, you need to sign up for an account with us and agree to the terms and conditions. You may design products without having an account but the design cannot be saved unless you have an account with us.

3) Limitations

Printing Variations

Print variations can and will occur when printing artwork onto various fabric items and lot.

Variations that may occur within an order or from one order to another

Placement of your image/artwork on the product may vary piece to piece.
Discrepancies between the online Design studio and the final product can occur. Design studio allows you to see approximation of the final product. Any major concerns about positioning, sizing or else please contact us separately or you can leave comments on the comment box in Design studio.
Printing quality also depends on the original file. Please make sure your image/artwork file are complied with our guidance
The colour of your printed product can differ from your original image/artwork as following reason:
Colour gamut limitations of printing technologies.
Fabric variety, each fabric has different print results even when subject to the same print process.
Monitor differences.

4) Production Leadtimes and Shipping

Production leadtimes are estimation. Any changes from our estimated leadtimes will be informed to you via contact information provided in your account.

We normally use DHL for international shipping. Tracking number will be sent to your contact information provided in your account.

We have no responsibility for any delayed/damaged of the products occur by courier.

5) Artwork Rights

By uploading any image/artwork to our website means you are giving OBS the rights to use your image/artwork for production matter but you still reserve all rights to your image/artwork. We have no any rights to use it for any other reason.

Please make sure that you have the full rights to use your image/artwork (especially for commercial purpose). We have no responsibility to validate the rights of any image/artwork you uploaded.